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The Radical Strategies
Research Laboratory

We have established a world-leading collaborative research program for designing and experimenting new, innovative ways to create and implement radically competitive, company-changing strategies for a world where sustainability is not an option – but a critical necessity. 

We are now looking for ambitious companies and organisations to join the research to learn and rethink the way strategy is created and implemented.


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If you would like to hear more about the unique chance to utilize world-leading researchers, sustainability consultants  and creative service designers to improve your organization's strategy processes, this is your chance. 

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We don't expect you to jump on board with a simple one pager, but if this arouses your interest, please be in touch and we'll arrange a video chat to tell you more about the opportunities you would have. 

As  research opportunities this unique don't come out often, places are filling up fast!

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What You’ll Get as a Research Partner

Between 50–70% of strategy processes fail. We'll help you to identify and innovate new and unique opportunities for strategy work to get ahead of the competition and to create a future that is sustainable for all coming generations.

Redesign the use of Data

Next generation AI solutions are proving extremely effective in creating data-driven scenarios for more holistic and predictive forecasting and strategy work. The same applies for the use of data to understand the degree of behavioral implementation of 
a strategy, i.e. are people already on board with the change and how to speed up the process when and if needed.

Rediscover new working methods

From StrategyOps to Lean methods and use of design-thinking or storytelling approaches in strategy work. What could suit your organization the best? Are there geographical differences? Is one size a good enough fit for all? Can work be changed through spatial solutions or is purely digital the way to go for you?

New technologies for more radical innovation

Experiment with VR and multisensory approaches to free your mind to innovate more radically and systematically. Can automation and fewer routines in the information gathering and analysis phases of sustainability strategies free up time and capital for more radical innovation and precise strategies?

Learn what 'best practice' organisations are doing

Sustainability and strategy development aren't something that only you or your industry are tackling with. Are there existing best practices or jumping boards that can be utilized? Can you learn from your peers? Can you learn from a global pool of researchers?          

Are you interested in something else in the domain of sustainable and competitive strategies?

These are just some of the areas of research we conduct together with our Research Lab, University of Helsinki and University of Jyväskylä as a part of the CREDU research program.


The Radical Strategies Research Lab is here to find research areas that are of interest to you. 

Areas where incremental changes can produce tangible gains. Areas where radical process or methodology innovation can disrupt existing sub-optimal strategy processes. Areas that enable you to create more competitive strategies for the era we are living in – An era where sustainability is not an option, but a critical necessity.

A Bit About Us

The research laboratory is part of the CREDU research program and an initiative of Wörks Ltd. 

Wörks is a strategic marketing and design agency established in 2011 and the first European creative agency to take lean working methods into use. We are investing over 2M€ to redesign strategy processes for a more sustainable future. 

We are working with Helsinki and Jyväskylä Universities as a part of the CREDU initiative for deeper understanding of what hinders radical sustainable innovation and strategy implementation. The CREDU initiative is a collaborative research project where we are joined by five other leading companies (Fondia, JKMM, Reaktor, ReunamoEducation and Rockway). 

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